Sunday, March 26, 2017


musicians, friends - a sounding board if you like:

what in the nature of music, youth/experienced+, describes a continuously particular or primary draw towards it? for some have called it a 'calling', a native language, vocation, joy, hobby, a noble art...enrapturing the mind and senses daily, without fail. while approaching newer attitudes or techniques, it has for me been artists, mentors, peers - eg. to 'play your own time', as i humbly discovered sat night on a segue in a 17 piece - no small mistake, 20~30bpms; and as these experiences unite us, with a rap verse at mach 250+ words/min, afterwards remarked, 'should be called r'usher,' exploiting my own imperfections, much to the vocalists laughter on a standard top 40. point is the mistake exposed humanity/camaraderie, made friends of us, and should constructive dialogue spring among professional faux pas - this question/information/experience/what-have-you among even the most seasoned is unifying. as most are sometimes reluctant to acknowledge our faults or interconnectedness, and had our relatable experience playing together left any sourness, there's no more experience to be taken from, no offense given or taken - i'd play together again, and though i make mistakes, my musicality as such is still above average. i just want to play the music after all.

seeking causal roots. carmen mcrae's anger at the pianist fumbling 3 songs into a set later discovering the new music in the piano bench, once happened to one of the finest pianists i've met.

for example, having met and admiring, imo, one of the remarkable drummers alive - stated each drum stroke are as army reinforcements to a castle, alongwith one of the most graceful drumming voices. for me, ferociously creative talent is most extraordinary, work not for works' sake, a pursued vision; in turn, as a musician, listening/ears are my greatest asset, inspiring visceral musical depth.

any beneficial commentary the public would like to add on a personal nature welcome. 

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