Saturday, July 8, 2017


the modern day device of your bondage in the free world. a world about selective profligation amongst our own species. a world about being forced to work so you can get money in order to live on a planet you didn't ask to be on. a world where water is essential but sold at the store. a world where you don't decide to be sick but can't afford to be treated. a world where in the words of george carlin we want to 'save the fucking planet,' but quite literally can't 'take care of each other.' we are the greatest self-deceivers, reluctant to acknowledge ourselves as a single unit floating around the sun. even a life in prison will get you a free meal the rest of your days. where are our heads at? even the ceo office mimics a cell in design. time spent. our pro-rated, quota making, budget planning, graph projecting, power point species. why must we love money and not time? 1 million seconds is 4 days, 1 billion is 31 years. e modulo vitro. fatal mindset.

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