Wednesday, June 17, 2020

to serve and protect

Is protecting human life not covered under the phrase, "to serve and protect?" 

It's right there in the credo, to protect from death. 


Saturday, June 6, 2020

race, a human invention. thanks, human language.

There is only one race. 

Human race.

Humans are the only ones killing other humans, keeping other humans down, or expressing anger to other humans. 

Males are males and females are females. Mr. Rogers, a human, said that.

Humans have the ability to see, and not to see. How remarkably human. 

Humans are the only ones lifting other humans up, giving birth to other humans, or showing kindness. 

You didn't choose to be human. You are human who are reading this. Justice is for humans.

I dream of a day where we can transcend and look beyond our selves and each other toward the new frontier of space. Where we are at and what we do with our humanism with other true races of not humans (or how they may call themselves). I dream we will get along with them and ourselves and that even the life we share is a broader term of "one." Other worldly oneness. Other ones may help us realize as we slowly globally dawn our own one-ness. 

Logic was thought of by humans, as was the Pauli exclusion principle and the Fermi paradox. History and it's repeating is human (thanks to other humans like Copernicus). Humans are remarkably blind to ourselves and our human humor allows us to see that. Our highest achievements are human achievements. 

Love is the highest known human aim. Ignorance is human. Listening is human (and otherworldly). Not knowledge is simply unknown. A timeless human trait. Learning is more than human...dreaming is human. Dream on, human. 

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