Sunday, June 4, 2017

june 4 2017 3:30

a quick run through these digital streets,
show the man boy as before me.
no music to show in the mind's sway,
a profound nostalgia as time slips away.

a great friend turned 89 - friend,
what will my thoughts be then?
gratitude? when?
we keep traversing time. strive.
more long dead than alive.

the shadow thought, worries of caring,
for ailing elders, bearing.
no thought towards legacy, fruition,
just a basic intuition -
but to keep moving ____

this is growing up, continuing, regardless,
as if my thoughts bear this a relevant guess.
day in, day out, giving -
this is living.

how! when!

we learn 'til we die, no sorrow,
could be tomorrow.

sometimes thoughts 4