Saturday, July 21, 2018


Who are you trying to impress, with apples and oranges, yourself, I think best.

We all are here, thoughtful pleased, forward progressed, not easily impressed.

For when down to pass, presently flat, with consciousness, on with step.

If while onward, one is impressed, walk on two - forward, step by step.

Death we fear not, what may come, of our life, when we are not,

Staying course, pacing space, a fulltime life, affected race

When in conclusion, one must say, what of his fate, did he imply

By his impression, one of affection, remembered fondly, often spry.

Nonetheless, he moves on, distance traveled, all time gone,

Lonely, timely, thoughtfully wisely, the present gone; almost kindly, he lives on.

Sometimes thoughts 25

Monday, July 2, 2018


You ever feel like you're gonna die but then you don't cause you're alive?

Sometimes thoughts 23