Friday, May 28, 2021

lives & the lives

all falls short
people living out their lives, through their screens
the lens of the eye to the window of the world 
this parodied manufacture & it's parasitic grip
will never compare 
to Nature
and the harmony of the wills
of the consciousness of man.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

the rules of law

If/How super-intelligence dominates rule of law and ends(?) philosophy as we know it, will 'novel' thought function to our benefit? 

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Time to unwind.

I sometimes think back on the times when windows 95 came out and I used to play with a flight simulator joystick game as a kid, along with the memorable Treasure Mountain with the solfeggietto intro, and of course that AOL dial-up tone. These memories stick to my mind as we exist in the current time of the so called 'Social Dilemma.'

What we have now entered into (along with the at-birth-plugged-in kids of today) are hardwired neuro-linguistic programming models inundated within our very lives. The outdated government factory school-to-cubicle model in turn accepts a slow and painful evolution as we approach this concept of a parasitic divergence or singularity, we don't really know which. These are my individually projected thoughts on the perceived collective, given the great reset, which is now out in the open! How can an open secret move according to plan? Human nature I guess. Even the good people hopped on those trains and walked to those ditches of their own volition not 80 years ago.

As someone who bridges the gap between old and new technology, or perhaps has one foot in a previous time (personal computers) and bridge to the next, if I even have kids at this point seems that they will ask me to recall a time when the dawn of the new millennium happened and what exactly it was like.


Even in the midst of this it is hard to describe.  Politically, we seem programmed to except a dawn of post truth materialism, judged not by our own eyes and this dream of trans-humanism among the classist (and apparently very racist) elites, but I don't know. Their roman divide and conquer strategies won't work on an informed public, as a double-edged sword. Socialism approaches, and I am reminded of the Fabian window, and the classic wolf in sheep's clothing. It was a long game for them. To me it seems more immaterial though, or spiritually pressing. Humans are susceptible to narrative, whether real or programmed. It feels almost like an impending genocide will occur with the events as fed to us, with the conspiracy claims accompanying, millions of healthy vaccinated people, and the coup pillar Joe Biden's 'dark winter.' If the cabal is indeed not a conspiracy, who are the shadow operators? 

I did hear the philosopher Stefan Molyneux speak about 'digital genocide,' and as history is no stranger to genocide, and 'character assassinations,' this seems the end effect goal of the current digital space.  Luckily no one reads or comments on my blogger, so I suspect I am low risk for such cancelling, unless the cancellors know where to look. Shame on unreasonable people, and moreso the reasonable who do not stand for principle! The Trump interruption to supposed sinister plans of the so called 'death-cult' have never been more apparent. There exists a chasm in the society, I believe. Wikipedia makes no mention of genocide at all under either of their socialism and communism pages, and this is according to Dr. Larry Sanger, the (self) excommunicated co-founder. He vehemently opposes centralized knowledge, as if consciousness is priveleged! I share his sentiment. From the multiple EUA (not full FDA biological licensure) mRNA therapeutics, to the sterile EO (ethylene oxide) nasal swabs, the so called 40 cycle PCR 'false-positive' tests, one can't help but think soft-kill inoculation is present, and affecting generations (future as well). Were it not for certain figures like Dr. Vernon Coleman, and Geert Vanden Bossche , himself a former senior executive to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, I might accept I am a conspiracy theorist. But it isn't exactly a theory when thrombosis is demonstrably true, and that continuated doses of EO are carcinogenic, especially when administered in pre-wrapped deep nasal swabbing mechanisms, which affect the roof of the mouth, nasal cavity and back of the throat. The most fearsome thing about the information age is the openness of it. Everything is published somewhere. Perhaps I will tell my kids I followed info which lead to other things in succession, like the UN operations, summits, and various agendas, Lucis Trust, and who owned what when etc. Digital cryptos seem to be replacing the confidence of the USD faster than they'd prefer, but maybe I am just radicalized right now. 

The counter-narrative of the great reset is the great awakening.  However, if you go outside, there would be no evidence of any such virus, the world continues green and sun shining, apart from the people wearing masks, which you'd think to yourself, 'why are they wearing a mask?' Nevermind the lockdown quarantine that has existed for an entire year.  Soft dictatorship and economic reset. In Canada, business ownership went from 1.3 million to 700,000.  I pray in my heart for the bright lights of people shining a light on corruption of the souls of men.  This is a seeming (and created by men) global catastrophe. But I am an American.  Patrick Henry as an idealist, with the fortitude of Washington, wisdom of Franklin, and imagination of Hamilton. I perceive these qualities to be among the best, but they themselves knew they received them from God.  Never underestimate nature.  Even wicked men, deep down, fear the truth of nature. Even if their evil ignorance be benign. I have done unethical things, but I am by nature good. As Doestevsky said, "It is easy to denounce the evildoer. It is difficult to understand him." God, or nature as it is known to me, created all of it. What awaits the hearts of men judged to eternal fire, should strike a righteous fear in all true men. The narrative of the world seems uneasy as portrayed right now. Much going on behind the scenes. I really don't know.  I am just going to focus on my own happiness and joy for now.  Time to unwind and unplug in a meaningful way.


The main difference of this plugged in generation and the previous, is your own personal robot exists right in your hand.  We are so hopelessly addicted to them, as they're designed to be.  My imagination wonders when they will be hooked up to our thoughts. Our own integrated integrated circuits. 

After seeing the 90 minute interview of Justice Clarence Thomas and Julian Bond (from 2009), I am further convinced an entire generation and by association, other generations, have slowly accepted the conditioning of appealing to opinion over reasonable fact. This is not constructive behavior in our newly birthed digital space. The amount of pornography for example is truly horrific, as I'm sure no previous 1000 generations combined have seen as many naked images, and it is certainly no post-truth for that of my friends! Age of information, more like age of exploitation.  With AI on it's way, it is almost certainly an existential threat to humans, and the evidence of depopulation is fastly approaching, anybody seems to lie who says they cannot feel it coming!  Before any of us realize it, it will be too late. We are not so far removed from the creation of the birth control pill, free love movement, and eugenics has brought on new meaning when it comes to planned parenthood.  Despite these environmental stressors (or distractors), human consciousness and the spirit remain immovable as a force of it's own, and nonetheless, I will continue enjoying life as I exist.  The inner flame will continue until I certainly die.


I had a visceral reaction to walk away from the daily and increased programming in the family today, while watching the tv. Time to unwind, put the phone down, and focus on what I really want to achieve, and to enjoy the remaining time I have with my family, both individually, and collectively.

I pray to God and to Nature as I know it for the gratitude of the revitalization of my spirit, and the learning from error of my former ways, as I look back on old posts, and the joy with which I move forward being still alive to enjoy life as it exists. 



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Sunday, February 28, 2021

feeding time, who's eating?

Your own mRNA'd GMO's... you (we?) eventual transhuman. Next century societal evolution's gonna be a bumpy ride. I imagine my friends descriptive population plane-off may hold some merit of truth. We shall see. I love my loved ones. 

It'd be nice if the fascist vaccinators weren't recklessly integrating us arrogantly without any rigor (differentially or effective, as known), as if these simple bullies weren't human themselves. What vision, if there were ever an historical fountain of youth constant! They await a cruel new eugenics awakening at their 'pillars' which they cannot imagine for themselves, as if they were refusing their own humanity. They promote everything they disbelieve. Though they be but criminal themsel(f)ves.

Don't hope, only do, I've been told. We all have been told. Mine is mine own constitution, mans (theirs?) quest against the ultimate state of the pillars, our only sure fate in life, besides birth. Best wishes, bullies. 

Rigor is the method. Hope is ever aiming. 

Death, a certain fate. It is. This is just.

Man imachines himself. 


Meme from India

Saturday, February 20, 2021

time, like a snake, and the souls regard for heaven.

the inundated programming feels a soul sucking,
best to find relief, without.
a wary days wander through the mind ungiving,
and the hours slip away.
a great precipice mounting, my soul ne'er wearing,
fast coins hold fast, no.
all spiritual, no material. 

where by drawls from people ever giving,
their energies never ending, receding,
this noise noise can't continue ...
without some break among the eye,
the public, it's own carrier,
erosive mind sssssssucking outpours,
reclaim, ours be the narrative.
peace, but sadness. 

removal of the cancer from the maligned, itself.
they can only operate as they know,
destroyers of this new eugenics, themselves 
let them eat.
poison of the collective conscious, minds.
never waver! hold fast to life, everlasting.

let this digital footprint in the universe, 
for this time, be here now.

sometimes a yearning noissssses 57

Monday, February 15, 2021


For as loving as mankind is (in & of itself) to one another, how do you imagine novel AI unfolding?


Procreative precedence seems an evolutionary understatement, despite evidence of decline (and those calling for flattening this curve). 



Friday, February 5, 2021


Divide and conquer is:

Listen:Don't speak
Speak:Don't listen

It is amazing how people listen, and don't speak.
It is amazing how people speak, and don't listen.


Don't listen:Speak
Don't speak:Listen


Don't speak:Don't listen

These carry factorially. 

What are some of your favorite logic (&reason) forms/proofs/arguments? 

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