Sunday, February 28, 2021

feeding time, who's eating?

Your own mRNA'd GMO's... you (we?) eventual transhuman. Next century societal evolution's gonna be a bumpy ride. I imagine my friends descriptive population plane-off may hold some merit of truth. We shall see. I love my loved ones. 

It'd be nice if the fascist vaccinators weren't recklessly integrating us arrogantly without any rigor (differentially or effective, as known), as if these simple bullies weren't human themselves. What vision, if there were ever an historical fountain of youth constant! They await a cruel new eugenics awakening at their 'pillars' which they cannot imagine for themselves, as if they were refusing their own humanity. They promote everything they disbelieve. Though they be but criminal themsel(f)ves.

Don't hope, only do, I've been told. We all have been told. Mine is mine own constitution, mans (theirs?) quest against the ultimate state of the pillars, our only sure fate in life, besides birth. Best wishes, bullies. 

Rigor is the method. Hope is ever aiming. 

Death, a certain fate. It is. This is just.

Man imachines himself. 


Meme from India

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