Saturday, February 20, 2021

time, like a snake, and the souls regard for heaven.

the inundated programming feels a soul sucking,
best to find relief, without.
a wary days wander through the mind ungiving,
and the hours slip away.
a great precipice mounting, my soul ne'er wearing,
fast coins hold fast, no.
all spiritual, no material. 

where by drawls from people ever giving,
their energies never ending, receding,
this noise noise can't continue ...
without some break among the eye,
the public, it's own carrier,
erosive mind sssssssucking outpours,
reclaim, ours be the narrative.
peace, but sadness. 

removal of the cancer from the maligned, itself.
they can only operate as they know,
destroyers of this new eugenics, themselves 
let them eat.
poison of the collective conscious, minds.
never waver! hold fast to life, everlasting.

let this digital footprint in the universe, 
for this time, be here now.

sometimes a yearning noissssses 57

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