Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Had to get off the memetic wrath train, not resembling real life nor exploiting the representative self.

Nonetheless, intriguing and sometimes surprising insights abound on the platform.

It proved informational while learning otherwise unknown laws or concepts related to government or personal liberty.

"Deplatforming" myself voluntarily has lead to greater curiosity on my own time, and a renewed richness in study for interesting subjects. 

I've a renewed interest in consciousness, rhetoric and symbolism via the short snappy pithiness of Twitter users I've encountered over the years. Nothing a short wiki search can't solve being provocatised (google will not confirm this word) in this disgusting false proverbial echo chamber.

It is certainly nice however, to follow great thinkers of our time, respectable people who ponder things deeply, it has amplified (and also diminished) my faith in humanity.

Concepts of power, slavery, philosophy, psychology, and even conspiracy are voiced frequently on the site, and of course, there is no limit to the ignorance of man, an all too human trait. 

I grow tired of attempting to talk with people enjoying their own sense of moral superiority, a self parody without any sense of irony, false conscience etc. Ignorance is an (albeit curable) affliction. 

Love is the answer. 

Best to focus on other things and to retreat inwardly for now.

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